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Two Rivers Head Start Agency

1661 Landmark Road
Aurora, IL 60506
Executive Director: Diane Lacey
Telephone: 630-406-1444
Fax: 630-406-1519
Website: www.trhsa.org

People Served: 8,100
No. of Employees: 200
No. of Volunteers: 500
Service Area: Boone, Dekalb, Grundy, Kane and Kendall Counties

Success Story

As a mother of two, Latricia worked part-time while attending school to obtain a certification as a nursing assistant. She has worked in healthcare for over 10 years and currently works at Fox Valley Wound Care. However, it was by enrolling her child in the Two Rivers Head Start (TRHSA) program that she was further encouraged and motivated to do even more. Beginning as a regular volunteer in the classroom, Latricia helped wherever she could—sanitizing toys in the classroom or talking to students about being a nurse. As a volunteer, she demonstrated a passion about her work and shared with others, how having her son in a quality child care program allowed her to focus her time on her career.

Soon, Latricia found other ways to share the passion she had for her career with others. Latricia volunteered to lead Parent Meetings on topics related to health. She presented information on preventing infectious disease and nutrition. Latricia also began presenting information throughout the community.

It was these experiences at TRHSA and other organizations where she presented that she got the idea to create an Information Station in the lobby of her apartment complex. Collecting resources and information from TRHSA and other local community social service agencies, Latricia provides this information to share with the other tenants in her apartment complex. She spends hours every month researching and filling the information boxes with up-to-date information and resources. Most recently at her complex, Latricia organized an Earth Day celebration for families—where those involved cleaned up the area outside the apartments and were featured in the local newspaper.

Latricia continues to set goals for herself. Her next goal is to learn Spanish. She is learning some Spanish with her son by examining the Lending Library books the teachers send home on a weekly basis. She has used her Spanish speaking skills to have simple conversations with Spanish-speaking families at Parent & Child Activity events and parent meetings. We know she will continue to aspire towards her goals and positively touch the lives of many people throughout the community.


Head Start Program, Early Head Start Program; Community Services Block Grant - Future Employees in Training(FET), Job Experience & Training(JET), Scholarships, Emergency Assistance, Food Pantry, Intake & Referral, Sub-contract with 2 domestic violence shelters and 2 child health clinics.