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Project NOW Community Action Agency, Inc.

418 19th St.
Rock Island, IL 61201
Executive Director: Maureen "Mo" Hart
Telephone: 309-793-6391
Fax: 309-793-6352
Website: www.projectnow.org

People Served: 20,000
No. of Employees: 212
No. of Volunteers: 320
Service Area: Henry, Mercer and Rock Island Counties

Success Story

Renee came to the Youth Transitional Program as a referral from the Project NOW’s Sojourner House, a shelter for single women.  She made the switch to the Youth Program due to her pregnancy.  She originally came to Project NOW after a severe family dispute left her homeless. She had attempted to stay with her boyfriend and the father of her child, but Iowa State University would not allow her to remain on campus.  Michael made the decision to place college on hold and return to Rock Island to provide for Renee and their baby.  Both clients were in need of housing, prenatal services, parenting, employment, and life skills such as budgeting. 

Michael and Renee were both accepted into Youth Transitional Housing.  They applied for food stamps, WIC, and medical cards.  They both created resumes with their Case Manager as well as turned in weekly job searches (five a week).  Within three weeks of entering the program, Michael had found employment and has remained employed for over a year with his current wage being $16.30 an hour.  Their completed monthly budgets have remained positive for almost one year. At this time, the clients have saved up to $8,000.00 and have enrolled in the project’s savings matching program known as “Savings for Success.”  Renee lacked family support during her pregnancy. As a result she was connected to the Doula Program to assist her during the entire term and for the six weeks after delivery.  Renee successfully completed all of the parenting classes administered through the Health Department and consequently received referrals for required community service. 

Both Michael and Renee sought the goal of purchasing their own vehicle. This was completed in October and was paid through part of their savings.  Renee is also enrolled in GED classes and is preparing to test for her driver’s license.  As a result of her Case Manager’s referral, she partners with Early Learning Quad Cities. Representatives of the organization visit the family once a month to discuss their healthy baby's progress.  Renee has aligned day care, and she and Michael have been referred for the Home Buyer’s Program.     

Renee and Michael had received food stamps, along with WIC and medical cards. They have had solid POSITIVE budget and have currently saved $3,000.00.They have enrolled in Savings for Success, Financial Fitness Class, and have NEVER missed program fee payments. Renee and Michael are faithful attendees of the Community Meetings. Renee has completed 140 hours of community service hours through Granny’s Corner. They have completed the DHS “The Nest” parenting classes, and have utilized the Doula program, Early Learning Quad Cities, and CPC parenting classes. their daughter is enrolled and participating in Early Head Start.

Through their hard work, Michael has obtained long-term employment and Renee is scheduled to complete her GED classes this fall. They have a healthy and happy baby.  They step out to help their neighbors with babysitting several times a week and have hosted barbeques and picnics in an effort to develop a strong sense of community in their neighborhood.


Outreach; Advocacy; Information; Energy Assistance; Weatherization; Home Delivered Meals to Homebound Frail and Elderly; Congregate Meals; Low-Cost Housing; Housing Development; Community Development; Senior Center; Tax Assistance; Transitional Housing; Senior and Disable Transportation; Revolving Loans; Self Employment Training; Senior Aides; Low Cost, No Cost Clothing and Household Items.