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Mid Central Community Action, Inc.

1301 W. Washington St.
Bloomington, IL 61701
Executive Director: Rockie Zeigler
Telephone: 309-829-0691
Fax: 309-828-8811
Website: www.mccainc.org

People Served: 8,578
No. of Employees: 60
No. of Volunteers: 25
Service Area: Livingston and McLean Counties

Success Story

Samanthe completed the Mid Central Community Action’s Individual Development Account pilot program.  Samanthe is a 26 year old single mother. She has three children and works full time for a cleaning company with an annual income of $24,000 (125% poverty level for a family of 4). 

In October 2007, Samanthe inquired about Mid Central Community Action’s (MCCA) Individual Development Account pilot program. (IDA) This program was created for the purpose of helping participants gain financial literacy and save money for the purchase of a home.  After enrolling in the IDA program Samanthe opened a savings account and deposited an initial $40 in the State Farm Bank sponsored program.  Over the next two years, Ms. Boyd deposited at least $10 into the savings account every week.  During this time, Ms. Boyd also became familiar with the nature of banks and savings accounts. She learned about budgeting skills, asset building, credit repair, and even took the Homebuyer’s Education class. Moreover, she also received monthly case management which included information concerning referrals, guidance, and financial support.

In November, 2009, two years after beginning the IDA program, Samanthe was able to buy her first home.  Mid Central Community Action matched Samanthe’s savings of $1000 with a 2 to 1 match (for a total MCCA contribution of $2,000).  In addition, she was eligible for an Affordable Housing Coalition grant of $5,000 due to her successful completion of the Homebuyer’s Education class through MCCA’s housing department.

Samanthe’s life journey puts this amazing accomplishment into perspective. Her determination led her to accomplish her dream of, as she explains “owning my own home for us” and to create the best life possible for herself and her children.

Samanthe’s hard work has made many people around her proud of her accomplishments.  She is a very quiet, self-determined woman.  Samanthe is always willing and eager to learn and follow through with suggestions and information.  Not only did Samanthe have high expectations for herself, she accomplished her goals under extremely difficult circumstances – a young, single mother and low income.  But, she exemplifies what can happen with the correct mindset, initiative, self-discipline, and willingness to learn.  Samanthe ends her story with these words:  “I’m really thankful for this (IDA) program and everyone who as helped me at Mid Central Community Action.” 


Emergency Assistance; Energy Assistance (LIHEAP); Senior Services (Livingston County); Food Pantry; Advocate for Homeless Children; Economic Development (Self Sufficiency); Countering Domestic Violence (Neville House-McLean County); Transitional Housing; Housing Development; Financial Assistance to Purchase Housing; Housing Counseling; Agency Newspaper (The Observer).