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Kankakee County Community Services, Inc.

657 E. Court St., Suite 207
Kankakee, IL 60901
Executive Director: Vincent Clark
Telephone: 815-933-7883
Fax: 815-933-0635
Website: www.kccsi-cap.org

People Served: 8,082
No. of Employees: 14
No. of Volunteers: 23
Service Area: Kankakee County

Success Story

Tomeka lives with her three children and one grandchild.  She came to KCCSI because she was in danger of losing her housing. Tomeka’s job is reimbursed by the state. Given the budget crisis for the state of Illinois, her income had been delayed for several months. She was behind in her utility payments and had taken additional expenses due to the birth of her teenage daughter’s baby.  Due to the young age of both the mother and the father, she had taken full responsibility for the baby so the parents could concentrate on finishing high school. 

The KCCSI was able to provide her family with rental assistance for three months, while also helping her get caught up with her utility payments. This assistance continued until her reimbursement payments from the state were provided. She was then able to keep up with her rent and utilities on her own.

As a result of KCCSI services, Tomeka received assistance that allowed her keep her utilities on and not lose her housing as she waited for her reimbursement status with the state to be rectified. 

Tomeka is a college graduate who was once homeless.  She had been able to stay self-sufficient with her income but was grateful to be able to participate in the program to help her family through the crisis. 


Emergency Services (Housing, Sewer and Water Assistance, Shelter), Transitional Shelter, Affordable Housing, Senior Services, Energy Assistance, Weatherization Scholarships, Economic Development (Small Business Loans and Job Readiness and Computer Training), Certified Renters, Youth Programs (Youth sports and Afterschool) Information and Referral, Family and Community Development and Transportation Assistance.