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Illinois Valley Economic Development Corporation

223 S. Macoupin St., PO Box 88
Gillespie, IL 62033-0088
Executive Director: Frank Schwab
Telephone: 217-839-4431
Fax: 217-839-3647
Website: www.macoupincountyonline.net/IL_valley.htm

People Served: 8,000
No. of Employees: 140
No. of Volunteers: 550
Service Area: Calhoun, Greene, Jersey and Macoupin Counties

Success Story

Dorothy, mother of three, first came to Illinois Valley Economic Development Corporation (IVEDC) to enroll one of her children into the Head Start program. Dorothy had been a stay at home mother for many years and she felt that it was time to start a career for herself and for her family. She had always wanted to work in the medical field and enjoyed helping others, so she started working toward her goal to become a C.N.A. with the goal of eventually becoming an R.N. Determination led Dorothy to complete her C.N.A. training in March of 2009, receiving an A in the class. Immediately after finishing her C.N.A. classes, she enrolled in part-time classes at Lincoln Land Community College with the goal of getting into the R.N. program upon completion of her pre-requisite classes.

Throughout Dorothy’s time with IVEDC, she has overcome many obstacles, including ending a twelve year, abusive relationship with the father of her children. After her breakup, she moved in with her mother and she is now focusing on completing her degree to become an R.N. Dorothy is now in her third semester at Lincoln Land Community College and is working 30 hours per week as a homecare aide for Illinois Valley’s In- Home Care Services Program. She is now involved in a new relationship and they are working toward the goal of buying their own home. Her youngest child is enrolled in Head Start and will be returning next year. Dorothy has improved her life with agency services such as LIHEAP, Weatherization, REACH, C.N.A. training, budget counseling, case management, gas stipends, food vouchers, and the Head Start program. The agency continues to assist the family with some of these services, but Dorothy has made great strides toward self sufficiency from the time she first entered our agency.

Dorothy is a very motivated and determined individual and refuses to fail, no matter what obstacle life throws in the way. During Dorothy’s involvement in the FCD program, her case manager, Stacey, has seen her grow into a motivated, confident, and successful young woman. Stacey is extremely proud of her accomplishments and looks forward to helping her achieve more of her life goals.


Child Development Center, Community Care for the Elderly, Community Services Block Grant, Early Years Learning Center; Family and Community Development, Family Planning, Head Start Program, Illinois Weatherization Assistance Program, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Rehabilitation Centers for the Developmentally Disabled, Senior Citizen Meals and Transportation Programs, Transitional Housing.