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East Central Illinois Community Action Agency

56 N. Vermillion
Danville, IL 61834
Executive Director: Dwight Lucas
Telephone: 217-443-2705
Fax: 217-442-0725
Website: www.comaction.org

People Served: 10,300
No. of Employees: 110
No. of Volunteers: 40
Service Area: Ford, Iroquois, and Vermilion counties

Success Story

Candace's family moved to Danville from Chicago a few years ago. Education has always been important to her so as soon as she moved to Danville she enrolled in Danville Area Community College and obtained her associates degree. She then decided to pursue her Bachelor’s degree at Eastern Illinois University. Even though she has three (3) young children, she has taken necessary steps to prepare herself for college. She has committed herself to college by ensuring she attended every class every day, making sacrifice in her personal and social life to get her homework done in a timely manner and giving 110% to all assignments and projects, and adhering to a staunch daily schedule. She would go to work daily, once off she’d help her children with their homework, and then focus on her homework until the wee hours of the night. All of her work paid off because she recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Eastern Illinois University. Candace graduated with honors; maintaining a 3.5 GPA. CSBG Scholarships helped, in part, of Candace realizing her dreams of higher education.

Candace is employed by Danville Area Community College where she helps others get on the path to educational success. Although she has been very busy working full time and going to school in the evenings, weekends, and online, she also managed to find time to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity of Danville. Although Candace has not yet been awarded a Habitat for Humanity Home, she is working on obtaining the mandatory hours needed to qualify for the home. She is currently high on the waiting list and continues to do all that she can to ensure that her family will soon receive the home of their dreams. Candace always has a positive attitude and encourages her boys to do their best in school. She is also considering furthering her education beyond a bachelor’s degree and hopes to someday have her Master’s degree in Education and Leadership.

Candace serves as an inspiration to parents; demonstrating that with hard work, occasional sacrifice, and perseverance you can achieve your dreams.


Energy Assistance; Home Weatherization; Emergency Shelter; Senior Nutrition; Head Start; Education Talent Search; CSBG Scholarship; Small Business Loan; Family and Community Development; Emergency Cash; Intake and Linkage; Multi-purpose Senior Center.