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DeKalb County Community Services Department

2550 N. Annie Glidden Road
DeKalb, IL 60115
Executive Director: Donna Moulton
Telephone: 815-758-3910
Fax: 815-758-3407
Website: http://www.dekalbcounty.org/ComSvs/ComSvs.html

People Served: 1000
No. of Employees: 4
No. of Volunteers: 20
Service Area: Dekalb

Success Story

Lena and Chris came to DeKalb County Community Services (DCCS) in 2008 to receive utility assistance to maintain their housing in DeKalb. They had been living on Chris’s full time income but were falling behind on their bills. They came to DCCS originally to help with just a past due bill and came away with so much more.    

DeKalb County Community Services has provided the family many different services over the past two years that have been instrumental in assisting them to achieve self-sufficiency. The family has been active in the Family Development Program for over a year and has achieved many goals toward self-sufficiency and self-actualization. One of their goals was to increase their income and become more financially efficient. Lena became employed at a part time job and, with budgeting and money management help that they received through the Family Development program, they were able to reach a higher standard of living.  

Lena became a full time Home Schooling teacher after it became clear to their family that the children were not receiving the quality education that they deserved. They belong to a Home Schooling home group that shares a curriculum and the teaching responsibilities.

Chris and Lena were recently able to complete the Individual Savings Account program in order to register Lena for college. She is planning to finish her general education credits at the local community college and obtain her B.A. degree from a 4 year university. They have continued to contribute monthly to their savings account and hope to save toward new goals in the future.

This family is very motivated to create positive change for themselves. This is obvious by their actions, and the steps they continue to take toward obtaining education and financial self-sufficiency. Chris and Lena work together as parents to provide financially for their home and also to personally educate their children.


Community Services Block Grant; Economic Development; Emergency Assistance; FEMA-Local Board; Family and Community Development, Info Line; Senior Services funding Tenant Advocacy, Parent Training; Furniture Assistance.