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Community & Economic Development Association of Cook County, Inc.

567 W. Lake St., Suite 1200
Chicago, IL 60661
President/CEO: Harold Rice, Jr.
Telephone: 312-782-2332
Fax: 312-795-1034
Website: www.cedaorg.net

People Served: 350,000
No. of Employees: 656
No. of Volunteers: 4,500
Service Area: Cook-City, Cook-Suburban

Success Story

Vianna came to CEDA – Bloom-Rich Development Association in June of 2009 shortly after losing her job as a middle income Mortgage Loan Originator.  Vianna was forced to seek new job opportunities due to the meltdown of today’s real estate market.  Vianna met with the CSBG Program Specialist for assessment and guidance and was enrolled in the Family and Community Development program for case management services.

Vianna is a single African American female- head of household and mother of two. She has a long-term goal to become a self-employed business owner and is currently pursing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.   Vianna possesses a strong character and commitment to achieve.  With CEDA’s guidance, she set new priorities to gain access to becoming self-employed, restore household income, maintain housing, access health care coverage, and provide adequate food for her family. Vianna was motivated with following up with recommendations for what CEDA could offer in terms of assistance and referrals.

Vianna followed up with appointments and remained focused. Her successes include attendance and completion of a 24- hour professional grant writing training course at the South Suburban College Business and Career Institute funded by CEDA’s Fatherhood Demonstration Project, a recently renewed suspended driver’s license using  Direct Client Assistance funds, and was selected to serve as a panel presenter at a CEDA initiated Homebuyer’s and Credit Repair Workshop. A combination of financial assistance and multiple inter-agency referrals was used to eliminate barriers and allowed Vianna to move forward with becoming a professional grant writer and business owner.

She has received and participated in multiple interagency program referrals with the ongoing guidance and support from the CSBG FCD Program Specialist. Upon entry to this program, she stated she was at the crossroads of life and felt challenged with the need to survive. Currently, she has successfully managed to regain a level of self-sufficiency, has met her family’s household needs and has moved beyond her initial boundaries as she chose to make changes to her career path and achieved several milestones through self-motivation and determination.


Child and Family Development Services: Early Head Start (0-3 years old), Head Start, Daycare, After School Day Care, Parenting Skills Development, Family Needs Assessment, Counseling and Community Referrals; HEALTH AND NUTRITION: Supplemental Food Program for Woman, Infants and Children (WIC), Breast Feeding Promotion and Support, Child Nutrition Services, Summer Food Service for School-Age Children, Access for Primary Health Care Services, Lead Screening, HIV/AIDS Prevention Counseling; EMERGENCY SERVICES FOR INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES IN CRISIS: Food and Shelter for the Homeless, Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Crisis Intervention for Seniors; EDUCATION SERVICES: Scholarships, Talent Search, Adult Literacy; Senior Services (provided by partner Community Nutrition Network): Community-Based Congregate Senior Meals, Home Based Meals for Seniors; HOUSING SERVICES: Comprehensive Housing Counseling, Home Repairs and Maintenance, Home Maintenance Seminars, Home Weatherization, Lead Abatement Program, Rental & Mortgage Assistance to High Risk Families; EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING SERVICES: Adult Job Readiness Training and Placement, Adult Word Processing Training, Youth Computer Literacy Training, Youth Vocational Training and Placement, Youth Basic Skills and Workforce Preparation, Summer Youth Employment; ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SERVICES: Small Business Loan Program, Entrepreneurial Training; COMMUNITY NEEDS INDENTIFICATION, PLANNING AND ADVOCACY: Local Community Needs Indentification Forums/Surveys, Countryside Community Solutions Forum.